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10:43 PM, Friday January 14th 2022

Congrats on finishing lesson one


The superimposed lines exercise looks confident, ghosted lines look confident. Keep working at it , ghosting and executing with confidence as you have been doing. Lines of the ghosted planes look confident too.


A number look confident especially in the ghosted planes ellipses exercise. There are some however mainly in the table of ellipses and funnels that are not confident. I can see you drew them slowly focusing on accuracy and not confidence. You should be focusing on confidence. Ghost the ellipse where you want to draw it until you are confident with the motion. Then swiftly execute the ellipse committing to the motion. Focus on drawing confidently anf committing to the motion more. Add more speed and try and commit to the motion, not trying to change it.


Plotted perspective looks good but use a ruler to draw on the cross hatching lines in his exercise.

Rough perspective looks okay, I see a few repeated lines, dont repeat lines, plot, ghost and confidently draw one. If its a miss move on to the next line. Keep in mind also that on rough perspective the vertical lines are perpendicular to the horizon and the horizontal lines are parallel to the horizon. This should help you plot your lines.

Rotated boxes center right boxes are not rotating, specifically the top of them, those lines go off to the same vp. Looks like the following.


They are nice and compact though. Deffinitley revisit on how to approach drawing the boxes.

Organic perspective looks good, just dont repeat lines and consider adding lineweight where boxes overlap.

You can head on to the 250 box challenge

remember to do warmups before sitting dowm to do exercises( use these lesson one exercises at this point)


Next Steps:

250 box challenge

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10:41 PM, Tuesday January 18th 2022

Thank you for the feedback!

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