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3:06 PM, Thursday August 27th 2020

Howdy, TA qzhans here!

Before we begin, I just want to congratulate you on giving those 250 boxes a good ol’ pen and ink smackdown. It is a MASSIVE undertaking and you’ve joined the prestiged club of its completers.

You’ve painstakingly drawn through all your boxes and extended every single last line out to check your errors, and your boxes have been better for it. Indeed, you’ve made a marked improvement throughout the set.

Overall, I'm liking your linework here. It's clean, confident, and accurate. That being said, I can't really tell if you experimented with line weight or not. This is due to the thickness of the utensil you used to check your errors. In the future, when you pull this out for warm-ups, I'd recommend using something like a ballpoint pen, or even a pencil. The colors are less important than being able to see exactly how much error you have.

That brings me to your understanding of convergence. In general, it's pretty nice, but some of your middle back lines are still stubbornly not jumping in line with the rest of them. I’ll offer some advice. That’s okay, and is something that gets ironed out over time, but I’ll offer some advice. When you go to draw a line, think only about the lines that are supposed to be parallel to it (share a vanishing point). Lines closer to an existing line will converge slower, while the opposite is true for lines further away. Again, your utensil choice for these boxes may have impacted this, because there's quite a lot of room for error with something that thick.

Additionally, while your variety does go down to the particularly small boxes, I wish you would've done some extra big ones. In the future, try to do a few where you only put 2-3 boxes on a page, just so you can get practice with super big ones.

Overall however, this is quite a solid submission. As long as you take what I've said here in mind as you pull this out for warm-ups, I don't think this will give you trouble for long. Good luck on Lesson 2!

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Lesson 2

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1:12 AM, Saturday August 29th 2020

I was looking at your submission and the critique to understand what to work on for my own submission. I got to say I love your line work!! My first though was "wow that must be digital!"

Also I noticed in your submission that some of the front corners were less than 90 degrees, which I don't think can happen in a rectangular prism. I've tried to rotate a tissue box to see if I could get the front corner to appear acute and haven't been able to. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/7/placingvps seems to agree. I'm in your cohort, so I would love to hear if it is possible and how!

I'd love your take on https://drawabox.com/community/submission/ZZAUHGNH too if you're willing

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