Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

7:52 PM, Friday September 22nd 2023

Lesson1 - Google Drive

Lesson1 - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NySqwSrX1E4owVl8D2WUjDBfUjoB6JEl?usp=drive_link

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It's my second Attempting this draw a boxe courses. I focus to do things right and take my time. I struggle to still make straight line when I have to do it on the full paper size. I Struggle for last 2 exercises but I think 250 boxes challenges will help me with it.

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4:39 PM, Sunday October 1st 2023
edited at 4:44 PM, Oct 1st 2023

Hello and congratulations on finishing the first lesson! Before i start i should say that i finished lesson 1 ~1 month ago, so my critique may not be accurate or even good. However, i've read the lessons thoroughly and i have seen some other student critiques. Also please forgive me if i may make a mistake in grammar, english is my second language. And finally, please, use imgur next time. It is more comfortable to use when criticizing someones work.


Superimposed Lines You did good, lines are confident, smooth and consistent. Which is already enough for this exercise. However, i noticed some fraying on both sides and also arching especially on long ones. Fraying on one end is ok, practice will smooth that out, but fraying in the beginning can tell that you didnt take time to prepare before leaving a mark. Arcing, however, can happen when you aren't fully using your shoulder pivot. Try to do what Uncomfortable said: arch your lines in the opposite direction. This is something you would get over time however, with practice

Ghosted Lines Good job. 1 repeating line in the corner but that's ok. Just remember that the second your pen touches the page you should accept it as it is.

Ghosted Planes I think all good, you nailed it. Some of the planes miss certain lines. But why 3 pages though? Dont grind and don't rush. You will improve your skills with practice. In some of your drawings there are repeating lines.


Tables of Ellipses Ellipses are consistent and smooth. Some of them overlap, but you will get rid of it with more practice. Don't forget to always set a goal for the ellipse you're about to draw. The only thing i noticed is that you draw more than 3 times some of them, which you shouldn't do. But overall good.

Ellipses in Planes Everything is drawn confident, ellipses are ellipses. But some planes lacks ellipses and some of them were drawn more than 3 times.

Funnels Ellipses fit snugly within set space. Some of them aren't aligned right but they aren't slanted and generally they are all good.


Plotted Perspective Seems you didnt follow what was written in the exercise. First of all you need to use ruler, then you have to draw 3 frames on one page.

Rough Perspective Boxes are drawn good, no questions about it. Lines aren't exactly accurate but thats alright, it will come with practice. However, you didn't follow the exercise correctly. You had to draw 3 frames on 1 page. Again, you repeat some of the lines and you painted some of the sides red. Don't deviate from what was assigned

Rotated Boxes The hardest exercise that i have encountered. The fact that you finished it is already enough in my opinion. Boxes are kept together and lines are confident. But it have some problems that you should know about: some sides aren't rotating and some boxes weren't drawn through. Dont forget about this exercise in the future and definitely do 250 box challenge after this one.

Organic Perspective You didn't follow the exercise correctly. You had to do frames just as with plotted perspective exercise. 1 page isn't finished and the 2 one is quite alright but quality isnt good enough to see it all

Conclusion Your lines are confident, ellipses are quite good. But it seems to me that you rush alot while going through exercises, you need to pay more attention to them. Dont repeat your lines, leave them as they are no matter how they actually came out. Dont forget your warm ups and 50% rule. And keep on going. It isn't the strongest species that survive in nature, it is those who can adapt.

Next Steps:

Do plotted, rough and organic perspective once again.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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3:58 AM, Wednesday September 27th 2023

I cant open your work since i don't have an access

3:46 PM, Thursday September 28th 2023

oups, I think I fix it

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