Doing Drawabox lesson 1-7 in 1 month

10:09 AM, Friday July 24th 2020

So, I am going to do drawabox in that time. I've tried doing drawabox and reaced drawabox lesson 5 and cylinder challange and I am going to do it once again from 1-7. Anything I should keep in mind or should I reconsider because I really want to learn to draw vehicles.

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10:08 PM, Friday July 24th 2020

I mean it's totally up to you if you want to do it, but that seems like an extremely short amount of time to do each lesson. Most of the critique I get from u/uncomfortable comes from the angle that I can rush through things sometimes, leading to me having to go back and do exercises again until I fully understand the scope of the lesson. Aside from that, you also have to keep in consideration that you should be operating on the 50% DrawABox, 50% Free drawing. Just doing the math on that, if you draw for 8 hours a day; 4 hours DrawABox and 4 hours free-drawing, that would be 120 hours for DrawABox in a month. There are a total of 82 pages with varying exercises, all of which have varying levels of difficulty and shouldn't be rushed. But if we are to horribly average them out, that would be about 1.5 hours for each page of homework. While that number is more than acceptable for earlier ones, it may be more difficult to achieve that later on in lessons. We haven't even factored such challenges like the 250 box, cylinder, or chest challenge in, all of which beckon a ridiculous amount of time to complete. Also you should probably do the reading and watch the videos.

All of this is technically achievable, but you would have to push yourself to do that amount per day consistently for 30 days. I don't know how feasible it is, as I'm only on lesson 2 but ultimately, it's up to you to decide what you're capable of.

2:59 AM, Saturday July 25th 2020

Good point, I think I am going to extend it to 2 months

1:42 AM, Sunday July 26th 2020
edited at 1:43 AM, Jul 26th 2020

Don't extend it to 2 months. It's better to do 2 lessons well than to do 7 rushed lessons, you'll get more out of it.

Take the time you need to do each lesson, and do your best to learn on every step. You will learn throughout the whole course, the knowledge doesn't instantly come after finishing lesson 7.

edited at 1:43 AM, Jul 26th 2020
5:48 AM, Monday July 27th 2020

Ah, ok. I'll try my best

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4:22 AM, Wednesday July 29th 2020

A realistic timeframe without rushing is 26 weeks. If you can finish 1 lesson every 2 weeks and 1 challenge every month, that would be 26 weeks. So it's 6.5-7 months. Also, it's doable even with patreon. That's the fastest that you can go without rushing. If you really wanted to draw vehicles that bad then you can do it drawing for fun 50% of the time. 1 month is ridiculous imo.

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12:23 AM, Saturday July 25th 2020

It is actually counterproductive to do a forced march through the course IMO. There is a reason for the critique rules that slow you down.

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