250 Box Challenge

3:19 AM, Friday June 25th 2021

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I felt like I grew throughout the challenge, but I can still do better. Thanks in advance for any critiques.

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7:09 PM, Saturday July 3rd 2021

Hi Lupursian! Im gonna go over your submission.

First of all, congratulations on completing the challenge, I agree with you on what you say, you improved a lot on your convergence, confidence and size of your boxes, but like always, there is still room for improvement.

First thing I wanna touch on is line weight- Its really good that you are applying it and confidently but remember that is supposed to be subtle, just one super imposed line is enough. On the same topic, take your time when doing the hatched lines, you dont need to do a whole lot of them, is better if you have a decent amount of confident lines than having a lot of sloppy ones.

Im seeing that you are struggling a little with the back corner,welcome to the club. Give this this method of construction a try whenever you are warming up with some boxes!

On a similar note, whenever you are extending a new line of a set towards the vanishing point, its important that you take into account how that line will relate with all the lines of the set. If you are just comparing the line you are about to put down with just one line, it might look okay in relationship with just that line, but when compared with the whole set it will look off. I know how confusing this sounds, so here is a diagram I advise you check out for time to time until it will eventually clicks!

Another thing I want to advise you is to always try to draw big in this exercises, its great that you are mainly sticking with just 6 boxes per page because this gives each one more space and even though your boxes are overall getting bigger as you progress through the challenge, there are still some which are really small. The issue here is that, the bigger you draw, the more space you are giving yourself to use your whole arm to draw more confident lines, and also its easier for your brain to engage in spatial reasoning problems if the drawing is big. Those small boxes are not end of the world, just keep this in mind moving forward, specially on lesson 3 and above when you are dealing with more complex constructions.

You did a really good job on this challenge, so Im gonna go ahead and mark it as completed! Keep up the great work.

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8:13 PM, Saturday July 3rd 2021

Thanks! Really appreciate the resources.

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