Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

5:23 PM, Wednesday May 31st 2023

Lesson 2 - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/aABkBgg.jpg

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I work very slowly and this took months to complete, but it's finished!!

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9:15 AM, Wednesday June 21st 2023

Hello, i'll be critiquing your work today

before we begin congrats on finishing lesson 2

and don't worry lesson 2 is particularly time compared to later lesson(at least for me personally).

without futher a do:


Good job here, differing lengths, confident lines. definetly playing around with the 3 d space, overall great job!


great job here as well. both pages are done confidently, you elipses are a little messy but that is to be expected. on your contour curves however your curves aren't varrying very much, another thing is that you drew way too many countour curves. 

One important thing to keep in mind however is that you don't want to get in the habit of simply dropping a bunch of contour lines on something for no reason. In this exercise it's not really an issue because we're simply practicing their use.

as the quote says it's completely okay and i do see that these sausages are more of an exception than norm. but i do think that this is worth pointing out. in future exercises try and add fewer curves, just enough so to show shape and form.

but overall it's done confidently, shapes are pretty good, countours hook around, maybe a few missed elipses here and there but that is to be expected. good job!

-Textures analysis

great job! these look amazing. your analysis is also very on point, adding shapes and lines to your notes. and i see that you aren't just fully drawing outlines with the beans,you also fully colour in the black sploches, very visible and well done gradient. it shows that you clearly understand how to approach and replicate these textures effectively, great job!


Great job here too,(this must have took you a while they look great). breaking silhuettes, wrapping around forms, not focusing on outlines and more on cast shadows, overall great job. 

however, there is something i will point out, it isn't official but practically widely agreed on atm (at least in the discord), you should be focusing on textures that have solid shapes (which you did do for the most part, good job) but you did also do glass and stell, these two "textures" aren't exactly "textures" they are just flat beds that play with light, what we are learning are shapes and cast shadows. this is a very minor issue but i do feel like it's worth pointing out just as something for you to keep in mind moving forward.


your shapes are overall fine, they're well done, your foreshortening is also pretty good overall. i will say some of those intersections don't compute with me very well, i can't say with confidence that you did all of them right, but for the most part they are okay, and afterall they are secondary. but overall, confidently drawn and forms are kept equalateral for the most part. good job!

-organic intersecs

good job here too, kept it simple, cast shadows are well done, forms are solid, lines are also still very strong

final conclusion:

you did great, i don't see any mistakes that would render a revision, maybe a few minor ones (contour lines and intersections) but you clearly understand the concepts that are trying to be taught and your work reflects that! i think you can safely move on to the next lesson!

Next Steps:

1.move on to lesson 3

2.have fun (if you can)

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3:23 PM, Thursday June 22nd 2023

Thanks a lot for the critique! It is exactly what I needed. And don't worry, I have a lot of fun drawing and I think I always will :)

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