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11:37 AM, Saturday April 11th 2020

Practice the organic perspective boxes in your warmups.

Try to do more ellipses in funnels with longer funnels or the corner variation of the exercise.

Make sure your room is well-lit whenever taking pictures!

Next Steps:

2 5 0 B O X E S

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11:30 AM, Tuesday May 19th 2020

Disclaimer: i was writing the following review for your other lesson 1 post, then I realized that you have another submission which have already a review in it. I'll still copy-paste everything here so you can get some feedback anyways, then I'll agree with the existing review in order to mark the lesson as complete.

Hi! The community-powered review is a bit slow as you might have noticed, but we're trying to do our best!

Let's see what we have here.

Your lines are pretty good - superimposed lines have little or no fraying on the starting end, which means you're executing your strokes with enough care. I see some corrections on your ghosted lines: don't do that, even if you miss your mark by a lot just go with it and don't worry. This advice goes for every lesson in Drawabox, don't correct any line.

I like your ellipses, I can clearly see that you're drawing them with confidence and that's the important part. I'll suggest one thing: try to practice drawing them a bit bigger, because not only it helps you finding your errors, but also because you learn better to draw them with the shoulder. Always draw bigger! Also try to make your funnels longer too and on different sizes and curvatures.

Your boxes show that you understood the concept very well, I like in particular your rotated boxes exercise the usually many students struggle a lot to make them consistent throughout all the page.

In your organic perspective, you're having a lot of problems with converging the sides toward a VP: this is perfectly fine, and it serves specifically as a preview of the next exercise, the 250 box challenge, where you will practice this principle.

Overall good job and onwards to the next step!

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

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