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1:30 PM, Tuesday May 31st 2022
edited at 4:43 PM, May 31st 2022

My first time doing a critique. I'm just a student on Lesson 2 (waiting critique to start Lesson 3), so maybe I'm not the best to do this, but i guess I can help.

Superimposed lines: i think it's good in general, but the long lines goes a little curved

Ghosted lines: I see confidence in lines. sometimes little curves

ghosted planes: i think it's very good, nice ellipses

Table of ellipses: nice and smooth ellipses, the very last on bottom right is a little off, but i think is very good in general

Funnels: the minor axis is consistent, not tilted. think its very good

Plotted perspective: you didnt hatch some boxes, but i think its optional, so the exercise is very good

Rough perspective: your lines lost confidence here. I think you need extra train on ghosting lines. By the core of exercises, you hitted very close to vanishing point and its good

Rotated boxes: think its very good. height and width are pretty close, it's sphere-like and symmetrical

Organic perspective: i see some problems here. the lines seems not confident and the back side of the boxes sometimes doesn't gets smaller (by perspective, they are not REALY getting smaller). The scale of the boxes (getting bigger more closer they are) is good.

I'm impressed by your ellipses (i think its better than mine) and by rotated boxes. Your lines needs more ghosting and more confidence, if you train this you're probably good to advance.

EDIT: I messed up when I said your next step is Lesson 2. You need 250 Boxes Challenge first. I tried edit it but I can't

Next Steps:

Lesson 2

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edited at 4:43 PM, May 31st 2022
7:10 PM, Tuesday May 31st 2022

Hello, Ivopedro, thanks for your input and time. I wholeheartedly agree that my lines seem to lose confidence at some point. I can't quite understand when that happens, but I'll definitely be paying more attention to it.

Thanks for your kind words on ellipses, I feel like I can barely draw a straight line or a symmetrical ellipse, but I hope precision comes with practice. Have a nice week!

7:27 PM, Tuesday May 31st 2022

I really liked your ellipses and you did very well the most complex exercise, Rotated boxes.

I'm prety sure you understood the lessons.

The only things you should work is better planning while ghosting (to build muscle memory and gain confidence) and stop planning when you decide to put mark on paper (just do what you planed).

Don't make marks as you planing and don't plane as you making a mark.

See ya!

8:06 AM, Wednesday June 1st 2022

Thanks, I hope I can put those ideas into practice with the 250 boxes challenge, which I'll start tackling from today.

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