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9:40 PM, Sunday August 28th 2022

Line wobbling is a result of not drawing confidently and instead hesitating while creating your line, likely from stressing about accuracy. This was gone over in lesson 1, you can refresh yourself on the steps of creating a line here.

As for your question about vanishing points, the intent of the challenge is to improve your understanding of 3D space without explicit vanishing points, they should only be revealed upon extending your lines.

7:22 PM, Tuesday September 6th 2022

Hey Tofu, I was able to complete the 100 boxes here is the link:

8:39 PM, Wednesday September 7th 2022

While there's still room to keep improving these are a huge improvement over your original 250, good work.

There are still times when you have lines that diverge or converge quite wildly which may just be a matter of paying attention and planning.

If possible try to think back on the process you had while creating box 325 and compare it to 345. 345 is a good example of you following the intended process while 325 it seems like you may have gotten a bit lost mid way through.

Overall though I'm glad to see that you're demonstrating a better understanding of the concepts introduced here, and I have no doubt you'll continue to improve as you practice boxes in your warm ups so I'll be marking your submission complete.

Keep practicing boxes and previous exercises in your warm ups and best of luck in lesson 2.

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