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7:59 PM, Sunday February 26th 2023

Hey! You're welcome :)

Yep, everything you learn about drawing can be applied to new things! That's what I meant when I mentioned the structure of Drawabox.

This doesn't mean you should do absolutely everything, but learning to draw some things unrelated to your goal can be very helpful, as you said.

By complex leaves, I meant something like the umbrella plant above, maybe maple, or oak, so you can practice designing the forms and compounding leaves like this.

I am so glad you came back, even after starting the cylinder challenge - it shows your dedication. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

8:15 AM, Tuesday March 14th 2023

Sorry!sorry! It took time more than I expected. Got so messed up in cylinder challenge that I forgor about it!

I have also attached the umbrella plant reference.

Along with it , the required homework. As it has time more than I expected, I continued to draw from your provided reference rather than doing my own study.

I hope you will continue to critique this one and the following lessons!! If you see mistakes in this work, please fell free to tell me. Like the oak's top is more even and it's bottom has more straight cut rather than inward curve.

I also tried to do some texture but felt that I was going a bit too far and crazy

If there is a need to do some more or of other type of the work , I will try my best to complete it in the best time!!

12:56 PM, Saturday March 18th 2023


Nice work :)

This is much better and you have shown construction steps I wanted to see.

Now it's a matter of observing your reference and working on detail, for example, adding these edges and whatever else you see fit to imitate your reference.

I would personally approach the umbrella plant similarly how you approached the oak (bunching "component" leaves), but this works too.

Good job and I wish you luck in the later lessons!

3:17 PM, Saturday March 18th 2023

Thanks !!

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