This is a nice start. Cute character, robes are draped nicely.

Just a suggestion; The character is in kind of a static pose, which is totally fine, but if they are just standing, I imagine they would be holding the staff upright - perhaps resting it across their shoulder, or just holding it in the same pose you have but with the weighted end pointed up.

Think of just carrying around a large hammer - Keeping the weighted end low will feel unnatural, it keeps the weighted end further away from your center and makes it harder to balance, so you keep it upright, closer to your upper body and center of balance until you need to swing it.

Now, if your intent is that they are pointing the weighted end towards something (like using it as a focus point to channel healing magic towards an ally or something), you would want to probably change the pose so that the character's right arm is lifted up, and have then also taking a wider stance with their legs so that they are balanced, and that the 'action' of your drawing is represented more clearly.