Not getting the "Width of Opposite Ends" part of 250 box challenge

7:32 PM, Friday November 17th 2023

Hi everyone,

I'm progressing throught the 250 box challenge, (I'm on box 187) and I think it's going well. However, I'm really confused by the width of opposite ends rule.

I understand the rule with elipses. As a perfect circle moves across our view, the degree gets smaller as we look at the edge. That makes sense. Naturally that line of thinking applies to planes. Cool. But when it comes to incorperating that into boxes, I get lost. I always look and my own boxes and the examples on the page and- I can't really see it. If anything, the opposite end gets smaller and less wide, as a result of moving towards the vanishing point. I realize the explanation says that the shrinkage effect is seperate from the width effect, but I guess I just can't spot it. Is it only visible in extreme circumstances? Cause if I follow that lines to their vanishing point, it seems to make the opposite end smaller if anything.

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3:13 AM, Saturday November 18th 2023

Don't confuse getting wider with getting larger. In this instance, wider just means it is turned more toward the viewer. The back sides will still be smaller.

Personally I found worrying about width in this regard isn't as valuable as just making sure all your edges converge to the vp's properly. As long as you do that well enough the sides will just naturally turn toward the viewer as necessary.

10:25 AM, Saturday November 18th 2023

Ok cool. Thanks.

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