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5:31 AM, Friday December 9th 2022

Congratulations on finishing lesson 1!


Your lines look smooth, and your aim is decent. They are close on one end and fray a bit at the other as they should. The long straight lines arc a bit, so maybe when you do them as warm ups, try to arc them backwards a bit to compensate.


-The lines connecting the dots look good, including the lines going from corner to corner. The lines cutting the planes in half vertically and horizontally seem a bit off sometimes. When you divide the plane, look at angle of the lines on either side. The angle of the line cutting the plane in half should be somewhere between those two lines. This will come up again later for sure!

It's easier to show what I mean, like so:


Overall they look smooth. As you add them to your warmups, keep working on the aim so they touch edges with whatever they need to touch. See if you can slow down a bit without losing the smoothness.


Getting there! It's good to see you are remembering to keep up that line quality. There are some diverging lines which should converge. Here is a bit of an analysis, which may help when you do the 250 box challenge (steps 2 and 3 are out of order on imgur, and step 2 is pretty critical to understand, but otherwise it's fine):

Next Steps:

Lines: when you do warmups, include long lines, and see if you can clear up the arcing effect by trying to "bend the line backwards" a bit.

Ellipses: when you do warmups, include tables of ellipses. Try to maintain your smoothness, but see if you can slow down just a bit to get the edges to touch more.

Boxes: Warming up with lines for 3-5 min helps boxes go better. On the 250 box challenge, make sure that the lines that need to converge do converge. Currently, some of your boxes have diverging lines, but some do converge. You'll be checking with a ruler, which will help a lot! This will take a while--I personally would do 2 pages (6 boxes per page) in a sitting, and alternated that with 50% rule drawing days. Good luck!

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10:54 PM, Friday December 9th 2022

Thank you very much! I appreciate the time and effort you've put in order to help me.

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