Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

8:45 PM, Thursday March 26th 2020

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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Hello everyone. Avoiding long introductions, I am a young man now not too young obsessed with drawing. I saw myself incredibly in the description of "lesson 0", and it's true, now I'm almost terrified of the idea of ??drawing and, if I draw, doing it is a real torture because I never stop working on it. I would have so many ideas that I would like to do and that I would like to put on paper and not only in the form of a "vague and incomprehensible sketch" but a real finished drawing (and not worked for an eternity), so I consider drawabox a sort of last resort.

So I really hope to be able to learn and above all go back to having fun and also find the pleasure of drawing that I had when I was younger.

I don't know if I had to make a kind of presentation in the first post but it was worth doing. I have tried to make drawings to the best of my ability. I still have problems making a slightly shaky line, but I am sure that by insisting I will be able to improve.

ANY criticism is welcome and I will listen to you with pleasure.

(p.s. thanks to google translate for this translation)

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2:38 AM, Friday March 27th 2020


good job

i just want to say at the organic box dont add more line

its okay for make mistake just ghosting ( maybe ) for repair your mistake dont add more line .

( my english so bad i hope u understand what i mean. )

10:09 PM, Monday March 30th 2020

Thanks, AKIRU, for writing me and thanks for the critique. In the next exercises I will try to be more careful and avoid making the same line twice. It's a bad habit that I have to lose.

(and my bad English is the same, we are two hehehe)

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6:52 PM, Saturday March 28th 2020

Hi Fonzos,

I hope you are well. It's good that you recognize your tendency of being scared of failure. You will just have to keep challenging that feeling and getting past it, because it will never stop and you will feel prouder and prouder as you get past it. Keep drawing for fun too and don't be so cruel to yourself while you make mistakes.

Your exercises look good, I did want you to extend the lines back for the first "Plotted Perspective" vanishing points exercise, as the instructions state to make sure to draw the lines back. You can see that you hadn't drawn the lines back to the vanishing point. It will help you internalize how to draw the lines for later when you start the 250 box challenge.

After that I think you can mark the lesson complete.

Next Steps:

Correct your "Plotted Perspective" exercise to draw the lines back to the vanishing points, as shown in the lesson exercise.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
10:22 PM, Monday March 30th 2020

Hi MAHA, thanks for reading my post and not just looking at my drawings.

You're right, I must continue to challenge possible failure. I will try to work on it while I continue with the various exercises and try to put myself more at stake, who knows if it will not be able to unlock me.

Unfortunately, drawing for fun is the thing that is more difficult for me right now ... but I hope that the exercises on this site will help me remember how have fun (as well as being frustrated, hehe).

You are right! I forgot to draw the perspective lines. Tomorrow I will resume the prosective exercises and try to put them on purpose. Fortunately they are easy enough, it won't take long.

Thanks for pointing that out

But how are you doing? All right in your part?

(if my english is "strange" is cause I use google translate)

2:39 AM, Sunday April 5th 2020

Hey Fonzos,

actually your english sounds good even though it's from Google Translate! I can understand just fine lol.

I am well, luckily still working during the coronavirus crisis and I am financially stable during this time too. Hope the same for you.

Next Steps:

After you finish the revisions, go ahead and move on to the 250 box challenge.

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9:40 PM, Sunday April 5th 2020

Google does a good job with translations, then.

I'm glad you are fine and are able to continue working. Right now I am stuck at home but fortunately, thanks to my family, I get along. Of course I would prefer to get active and do something, but for now I must necessarily stay still. But luckily I'm fine too, thanks for your interest.

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