You actually have only few things to work on but you made pretty much the same things in each exercise so dont get this critique only for the specific tasks but an overall advice. 
  1. Starting off in the arrow section your arrows dont look like they have consitent width. These arrows has only one thickness. So it supposed to go thin to thick consistently.

    • I guess you want to get the most out of each page so you drew lots of arrows which is a great thing. However in this exercise i would draw only 3-5 arrrow and experiment with the space such as fore-shortening or size change. The distance between each curve is important as well.

    • Good job on considering the angle of the arrow tips.

  2. Your marks can get improved.

    • Always use the gosting method

    • make sure you practise your line quality everyday for 30 mins if posible.Because your lines are wobly and you need some experience to improve. Your instrument should feel like an extention of your body. Cool analogy right XD It makes me motivated

    • use line weight to show what is in front of what

    1. Lets move on to the organic form w/ contour

      • First of all you dont need that much of contour lines for short CL

      • you used the same C set for each for in ellipse page which show that all the forms are in the same position which is not something we want. Varity is important in those exercises

      • One of the C job is to refine the form. Since those forms are not flat and actually pretty bold, I would use rounder ellipses. of course if it is convinient to the perspective.

      • You tent to flatten the object.

      • you almost never change the C degree . Think of how the form is oriented in space is it faceing you or the opposite.

      • You can draw the C by comparing it to its neighboors.

  3. dissection sorry i dont know much about it

  • dont outline the texture only the cast shadow

  • if you have digital tools i highly reccomend you to break down the image first,such as whats the shape, how is the flow in it. dont forget all the textures have some kind of rythm in it.

  • dont pass the silluate. It is one of the strongest tool. take it to your advantage.

5.form intersection. sorry IDK much about it either

  • use line weight because your shapes look like they are gonna fall apart or they are only wires instead of an actual 3d form with volume. intersection. shadows must follow the light source. Good placement can be upper right or left.

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