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12:08 PM, Wednesday April 8th 2020

Wow, those are really some nice gesture drawings! May I ask where did you learn how to draw those gestures from?

9:21 PM, Wednesday April 8th 2020

Hi! Thanks for the kind words, but those are still very far from being decent. I'm posting them here to keep track of my progress and maybe receive some critiques.

Anyways, I started gesture drawing by studying Proko and Hampton (you can find their videos on YT), while also checking a bit of Vilppu. I'm also doing Figuary on the Love Life Drawing Website.

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7:08 PM, Tuesday April 14th 2020

Very cool!

9:56 PM, Tuesday April 14th 2020

Thanks! :)

Still a long way to go, but I'm determined.

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