Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

8:57 AM, Monday October 26th 2020

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7:26 PM, Friday October 30th 2020

Hi! lets start with this:

1)  Organic Arrows: these are good, you shown nice fluidity trough the space, and they are solid.

2)  Organic Forms with Contour Lines: there's nice progress between the 2 pages, wich is nice, if you feel like, i'd recommend on doing a few more on free time, just to improve the confidence since next lessons are going to need a lot.

3)  Texture Analysis and dissections: I liked these, the analysis is ok, you seem to know how to analyze and study textures to then render them. In the dissection part there are ones thar are really amazing and detailed, and others thay may need some work, specially with the shadows and cast shadows. (parrot feathers for ex.) But that is nothing to worry about, the ones that are really good show that you know how to do it, it also shows good progress and learning, I noticed that the second page is much more detailed and wrapped arround the object. Good job!

4)  Form Intersections: these are pretty good, this exercise is a little hard at first, there are some complex intersections that you managed to make very well, wich is good. Nice job with this one! Also, remember to hatch one side of the cylinders, they can be difficult to figure out while watching.

5)  Organic Intersections: The construction is nice, and here you made use of the shadows correctly, they really catch my atention and shouth "hey this is 3d" especially in the second one.

After watching your drawings I noticed that you manage to learn from your errors and solve them within a few iterations, wich is really good, it shows that you are aware of your mistakes and actively solve them. Nice job!

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5:53 PM, Saturday October 31st 2020

Thank you for your kind, structural and helpful analysis.

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