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10:24 AM, Sunday March 24th 2024

Hi! I will be critiquing your Lesson 1 homework with assistance from the "drawabox lesson 1 critique guide" by Elodin and I'll also be using the official guide on the website

Superimposed lines

One of the purposes of this exercise is to help with the confidence in your lines, and you did an great job with that. Your lines look confident, and you kept the fraying on one side. As you do more of this exercise your lines will arch less frequently and you will also be a lot more confident!

Ghosted Lines

your lines are confident, but there is arching in some of the lines which is fine since it is the first time you've done this exercise, and you'll get more used to ghosting and using your shoulder as you progress and warm up. Overall you did a good job!

Ghosted Planes

Your planes look good, there is still the some of the issues with your from the "ghosted lines" like the arching, but its fine for now.

Tables of Ellipses

Good job drawing through your ellipses, and keeping them within bounds. Something you do need to work on in this exercise is making the ellipses look more even, which you'll improve on as you get more confident with your ghosting.

Ellipses in Planes

Some of the ellipses in this exercise still has the same problems from the "Tables of Ellipses" exercise with it not being even, but you did do well on trying to make the ellipses touch the 4 edges.


The Funnels look good! your ellipses are touching the sides of the funnel, and you did good on aligning the ellipses to the central minor axis line.

Plotted Perspective

This exercise was executed perfectly, you used a ruler, kept the vertical lines perpendicular to the horizon line, and correctly plotted your horizontal edges to the horizon line.

Rough Perspective

While the lines are somewhat "wobbly", you did a good job trying to keep front and back rectangular, referencing the vanishing point while drawing your lines, and also using the correct "line correction method".

Rotated Boxes

Your Rotated Boxes exercise looks good, other than the box on the far right, every other box seems consistent, and they're also all rotating.

Organic Perspective

All your boxes are rotating to a certain extent, and a lot them have a good amount of convergence.

Overall you did amazing job with Lesson 1 and I wish you good luck with the 250 Box Challenge!

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge

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7:11 PM, Tuesday March 26th 2024
edited at 7:12 PM, Mar 26th 2024

Thanks for the time and effort from your feedback it was really helpful i now realized that ellipses should be even. but i appreciate your feedback :)))))))

edited at 7:12 PM, Mar 26th 2024
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