Hello, I'll be critiquing your work


Your superimposed lines are off to a great start, as you started from a clear point and kept the wavering to one side. I do see in some areas that your linework becomes a bit wobbly or starts to arch. Confidence in your lines should be prioritized over accuracy. With some practice, this should definitely improve.

Ghosted lines and planes look good, and I like to see that your linework looks a lot more confident. Overall, good job.


Your tables of ellipses are rather tidy and confident. One thing to keep in mind is that the ellipses should be symmetrical and rounded out on each end. 

Ellipses in planes are turning out well, but I have something to point out. The ellipses should be symmetrical in the planes, and you can only change the width and what position the ellipse is going to be in. Don't worry about aligning them with the center of the plane or focusing on making them touch all of the contact points.

Your funnel exercise is looking nice and more symmetrical. One thing you seem to be having trouble with is aligning them with the axis that is supposed to split them in half. This is nothing to worry about as long as you practice more.


On your rough perspective, your linework looks confident, but remember not to repeat lines. This only reinforces the mistake you made, which wouldn't have been an issue to begin with. Also, your estimations of the vanishing points are a bit off, but this should all improve with some practice.

Rotated boxes are turning out fine, and if you need to, give yourself some more room to draw. Other than that, it seems like you're on the right track.

Lastly, your organic perspective has a few issues. As I pointed out earlier, you should not be repeating your lines. The only case when this is not true is when you are adding lineweight in the correct areas where the boxes are overlapping each other. Lineweight should also be added with one extra confident line, no more than that.

Alrighty, as long as you keep in mind everything I said above, I believe that you can move on. Make sure to use these in your warmup routine and good luck on later lessons!