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5:43 PM, Monday May 18th 2020

Hey there Fonseca! Really awesome job getting through the 250 box challenge!

So, the level of improvement here is really great to see. Your line work has a substantial improvement over the course of the set - in the beginning you're a bit wobbly, going over mistakes with an additional line, but towards the end, you seem to grow more confident with each line. Nice work!

As for your convergences, these are not bad to start, but towards the end, you have far fewer straying or diverging lines, with some notable exceptions. Keep in mind that your correction lines should be always be converging rather than diverging. Still, the improvement is substantial and I need to commend you for really using the mileage to your advantage.

I'm going to link a few extra notes - we link them at the end of every challenge as a matter of course. They go over the angle of each set of parallel lines as they approach the box and how keeping an eye on this relationship could improve your convergences. Also, considering each line in relation to the lines with which it shares a vanishing point rather than the lines with which it shares a plane or a corner could do the same.

Next Steps:

Keeping in mind these notes, please submit an additional 10 boxes. Try to limit it to 2-3 boxes per page and try to make sure your correction lines are always converging. Good luck!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
7:44 PM, Tuesday May 19th 2020

hey, where do I submit the other 10 boxes?

7:54 PM, Tuesday May 19th 2020
9:23 PM, Tuesday May 19th 2020

Substantial improvement, very nice work!! Just keep an eye on your line work - if you go back over a mistake with an additional mark, it tends to draw the eye rather than cover up the mistake.

Very excellent work here, it's clear you're coming to understand the concepts here.

Next Steps:

Head on over to Lesson 2. Good luck!

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
11:43 AM, Wednesday May 20th 2020

thank you for the feedback :)

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