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7:45 AM, Saturday March 19th 2022

One plant drawing and one page of arrows as requested

6:00 PM, Saturday March 19th 2022

Good job. I can see you were more carefull in your plant drawing. The main branch looks pretty solid, and I can see you took your time with the leaves, and the main flow line for each one of them looks pretty confident. You could have added some cast shadows to push some leaves in front of the others, so keep that in mind when you practice plants. Remember to give the small leaves carefully as well. Lastly, remember to be patient when drawing detail and texture. I suggest you do the 25 texture challenge (you don't need to do it before moving on to lesson 4, you can do it as you do the following lessons.).

I think you can move on to lesson 4. However, I do think you need to work more on your arrows. Make sure you include them in your warmups. You seem to be having trouble with the twists of the arrows. Also, the illusion that they are travelling through space gets broken quite a lot, and you seem to be having trouble controlling the way the width of the arrow changes. When you do this excercise as a warmup, I recommend you revisit the video and explanation for this excersice. It's really important that you understand this, so keep practicing.

Next Steps:

Move on to lesson 4

Include arrows excercise to warmups. Make sure you read and watch the instructions again.

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