struggling with 3d space

5:58 AM, Thursday February 8th 2024

i feel like i'm struggling so hard when it comes to thiniking about how something flows in 3d space. like when i try and do leaves exercise i struggle with how the lines flow and how to bend and overlap them with the flow of the line.

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7:08 AM, Sunday February 11th 2024
edited at 7:10 AM, Feb 11th 2024

Can you bend a piece of paper in space? Maybe try that, and then sort of fit a leaf onto that page (see the bottom of this sheet--ignore the poison oak/blackberry leaves):

I think the confusion happens because we have start with the wonky edges of a leaf, and are trying to bend those wonky lines. (Sort of like how in rendering, you have the color/value of the light on top of local color/value, which can be confusing to untangle.)

If you can fold a rectangular leaf, that's a first step.

edited at 7:10 AM, Feb 11th 2024
12:29 AM, Monday February 12th 2024

this activly helped me so much with overlapping them and just drawing them in genral. thank you so much

7:33 AM, Sunday February 18th 2024

Glad it helped--good luck moving forward!

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