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2:45 PM, Saturday December 17th 2022


Thank you for your feedback. Here is another page of arrows. I concentrated on accentuating the change in ribbon width from the background to the foreground as you indicated.


9:40 PM, Saturday December 17th 2022

hi nice job anyway its my missing i didnt attacth this to u

your making some good attempts at the perspective of the ribbon. The main issue here though is that you are not aware that the negative space between the zigzagging sections of the ribbon should decrease as it moves further away, as shown here ( ), this is the only thing missing for your arrows to look tridimensional. and push the perspective more not to look like same and the lines from start need more confidance like the flow lines of the arrow nice job with that try as superimposed by focusing and choose the right speed

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1 page arrows

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1:28 AM, Monday December 19th 2022

I understand now. Thank you.

2:47 PM, Monday December 19th 2022

alright i see good imporovments but push perspective more

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do warmup

move to less0n 4

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