Hello! I’ll be doing your critique today

Superimposed lines

The lines are very shaky, but the shorter lines on the second page are better than most. Are you tensing your shoulder or trying very hard to be accurate? If so relax, the purpose of this lesson is to build confidence, not accuracy because you’ll get more accurate as you practice

Ghosted lines

You’ve done a significantly better job here! The lines are nice and straight and accurate as well, great use of the ghosting method

Ghosted planes and Ellipses in planes

The planes seem fine to me, you looped the ellipses twice or thrice which is good. the ellipses are overshooting in some planes but that’ll go away with time

Table of Ellipses

Same as the ghosted planes, I see some overshooting but it gets better on the second page, they stay mostly within the rows. Although some of the ellipses aren’t drawn through twice.


Looks like you had some trouble with this at first since some ellipses are out of position but seems like you got the hang of it after a while. You seem absolutely confident in your lines now! Good job!

Plotted Perspective Boxes

You followed the instructions correctly. There’s no distortion, and the cross hatching is clean

Rough Perspective Boxes

The boxes on the first page look pretty great! They mostly came very close to the target

You didn’t trace back all the lines on the second page but I checked, and they’re mostly good!

Rotated Boxes

This is a hard exercise but seems like you understood the concept well. The shape is a bit like a diamond on the top right quadrant, and like a cube on the left quadrants. But the top two quadrants have the best individual boxes. The bottom right quadrant has the best shape of the four as it makes it look spherical (The reason for the diamond shape is that the boxes are too long in some places). Overall, it’s clear that you paid close attention to the vanishing points and managed to make some clean-looking boxes. Great work!

Organic boxes

Great portrayal of depth, good overlapping, the shape of the boxes are pretty nice too, some look off but the loner boxes look mostly fine. And the boxes look like they’re rotating too

I hope this was helpful, Good luck on your journey and on the 250 box challenge!