Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

5:31 PM, Saturday April 23rd 2022

Drawabox Lesson 1 Homework - Album on Imgur

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just wanted to say thanks for this service and your hard work :)

keep it up!

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8:33 PM, Monday April 25th 2022

Hello Socke! Overall you've done a pretty good job. Let's go through everything section by section:

Starting with your lines they start off a bit wobbly on the ghosted lines, but by the ghosted planes you're doing a great job committing to your lines and drawing them confidently even if they're going to miss then ending dot, which is just what we're looking for!

Main thing is that specially your longer lines sometimes arch and change trajectory a little bit, I know it's hard with these super long lines, but make sure you are always aiming for making your lines fully straight and that you always draw with your shoulder and not your elbow. If you are using your shoulder and still struggle with it, try to counter it by arching consciously on the opposite direction. So give it a try!

Other than that you're doing a great job planning and executing your lines! Keep an eye on the confidence of your lines since you still have a few wobbly ones on the ghosted planes, but good progress!

Moving onto your ellipses they're confident just like your lines on the lines section, which is exactly what you're meant to do!

Your accuracy is pretty good in general as well, there are a few cases in which you don't get the ellipses to touch the sides of the adjacent ellipses or them to touch the top or bottom lines, but in general I think you're aiming for them. Keep practicing and accuracy will improve with time!

Another thing is that your ellipses get a bit deformed at times. This applies as well to the ellipses on ghosted planes, which I think they're a bit more deformed than the others. You might be thinking that the centre of the ellipses is the same as the centre of the planes or that you should modify the elliptical ellipse shape so it touches the contact points, but this is not the case. Ellipses have to be symmetrical and have the same shape regardless of where they are, so the only things you can change is how wide the ellipse is, which position it is in and their size.

Lastly on your funnels sometimes you aren't aligning the ellipses to the minor axis. Make sure you always aim for the ellipses to be cut symmetrically by the middle line even if that means you need to ignore the initial curves. Pay also attention to the angle of the ellipses as well. They have to be cut symmetrically by the line, so they can't be tilted.

Some of your ellipses are a bit separated too, it's okay if you miss, but make sure you are always aiming for the ellipse to touch together, just like on the tables of ellipses.

Finally in your boxes a few things:

-Lines are in general just as good as they were on the lines section! I can see you took your time with them and didn't get confused by the boxes! There are a few cases on which they get a bit wobbly so keep an eye on that, but great work!

-Sometimes you're repeating lines that were off but no matter how off a line is, don't repeat it. Keep going as if it was correct as drawing them will make the drawing messier and can encourage bad habits like automatically redrawing your lines after you miss.

-On plotted perspective you did a good job following the instructions of the exercise, nothing to say here!

-On rough perspective you are already doing some great attempts at guessing the perspective, but you still seem to have trouble at times keeping height lines perpendicular to the horizon line, and width lines parallel to it. I know it's hard, but make sure you always are aiming for it. You can check if the starting and ending dots are correct or not, and if you find that they aren't you can change them. You can put down as many dots as you want as long as it's before drawing the actual line, so give it a shot!

-On rotated boxes you've done a great attempt apart from the line issues I mentioned. Most boxes are rotated and all are kept close together, good job! The only thing is that you haven't drawn all of the boxes, so I'll ask you to finish the exercise.

-On organic perspective you're doing a great job planning and executing your lines cleanly and confidently!

-On organic perspective the main thing is that I think you aren't drawing starting and ending points for all of your lines. If this is the case make sure you do it because it's super important for applying the ghosting method properly.

The only thing is that you are not drawing through your boxes. Make sure you draw the parts of the boxes covered by other boxes as well, even if the viewer wouldn't be able to see them. Remember also that you can add lineweight to the parts of outer lines that overlap with other boxes to clarify which ones are on top and which behind, so give it a try next attempts you have at the exercise!

Lastly you are already doing some good attempts at the perspective of the boxes.They have issues, but that's not a problem as you'll work on them through the box challenge.

Overall like I said you've done a great job, but I want you to finish the rotated boxes exercise that you didn't finish before moving on. Good luck and keep up the good work!

Next Steps:

Finish the rotated boxes exercise that you already started

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
2:40 PM, Tuesday May 10th 2022


It still is pretty difficult :) i tried to redraw it, since the one before was too messy to continue and i couldn't quite figure out what exactly was missing

3:10 PM, Tuesday May 10th 2022

Hello again! The thing that was missing was 3 boxes on the top left and 3 boxes on the top right. If you compare both pictures agains the example homework you'll see were they are missing.

That being said you did a good job completing it on this attempt! The only thing is that some of the boxes are a bit too far away from each other like this one. So keep an eye on that on future attempts.

That said, overall you've shown a pretty good understanding of the concepts of the lesson so I'll mark this as complete!

From now on you need to do warmups before every session, so don't forget about them! And make sure you ask any questions you might have. Keep up the good work and good luck on the box challenge!

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
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