Hi, bocsardigergely. Good job finishing lesson 1. I took a look at your work and I must say that, overall, your line work is very good, although there are a few things you should have done better.

Your superimposed lines are very good, as your ghosted ones. In these last, a few lines show some minor wobbling, but nothing too serious. Your ghosted planes are also good, but it seems you didn't place the dots on the middle lines. You should always place dots in order to plan your lines before committing to them.

Your ellipses also look good, specially your table of ellipses, where you managed to keep them tightly packed together. Nice job here. On your funnels exercise, remember that the ellipses should be aligned to the minor axis, where the line cuts the ellipse in two equal halves. In some cases you failed to achieve that, specially on some of the ellipses in the left top corner.

On the rough perspective pages you should have aligned the frontal plane of the box better. The horizontal lines should be parallel to the horizon, while the vertical lines should be perpendicular to it. Don't forget to place the dots to help you plan the lines before drawing. It seems you failed to do this in some occasions here. You extended the lines correctly and it shows that your perspective is mostly fine. In regards of the hatching in the front plane, you could have done it more cleanly. There's no need to rush here, as each line you draw during hatching is a line you practice. You did a better job in this aspect on the rotated boxes. You could, however, have pushed the rotation further in some of them.

Your organic perspective exercise shows a clean line work, which is really good. The perspective also seem correct in most of the boxes. You could have exaggerated more on the difference between the farther away (smaller) and the larger (closer) boxes. Also, you should have done this exercise like it shows on the example homework. That way you would have practiced more time.

Anyway, I marked this lesson as complete as I think you're ready for the 250 boxes challenge.