If you find a serious error after completing a task, ask for retry

2:53 PM, Thursday June 2nd 2022

In advance, I know that it is ideal to always fully understand the content of the class and the description of the assignment and perform the assignment.

When you perform a set task and check the results again before submitting,

If you have found errors throughout the assignment that are serious enough to defeat the purpose of the assignment, is it right to try the assignment again before submitting it?

[Translator has been used, and if there are words that are difficult to understand, please ask again in the comments.]

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5:50 PM, Thursday June 2nd 2022

Submit the assignment for feedback. Let someone else decide if you need to re-do the assignment. If the errors are serious enough, the reviewer will ask for a revision. Don't try to make this decision yourself.

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1:41 PM, Monday June 6th 2022
edited at 1:42 PM, Jun 6th 2022

I'm very new compared with you; but maybe it should be way more objective if you ask for a revision. For example, I'm a former photographer and I did the box challenge (still not asked for a review) based on the mind of playing with really distorted angles since I like how wide angles comes into the reality of a paper looking forward to understand better my photographs and also improve my drawing skills.

I'll ask for a review soon of that work and maybe I'll be asked to redo the entire challenge haha. But I would have learned what the course wants of me, anyhow is a win/win answer.

edited at 1:42 PM, Jun 6th 2022
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