Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

2:52 PM, Wednesday June 8th 2022

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So, I got back into drawing again after 2 years. And I thought I was kind of a intermediate but this lesson taught me that my perspective is very bad. So, If you could give me constructive critisism so I can improve and have more fun with it. And I'm into 100 boxes into the 250 boxes challenge and I'm having trouble thinking up new rotations for the boxes and my angles look boring any tips for that???

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5:16 PM, Wednesday June 8th 2022

Lines and Ellipses

Lines and ellipses look confident. Make sure to ghost all ellipses where you want to place them , then once confident with the motion , draw it in speedily. In the table of ellipses , ellipses should be touching but not overlapping.


for rotated boxes I would say make them bigger in future as in fill more of the page I think you are working to small. In plotted perspective in the last panel, the leftmost box is distorted , this is because all the boxes must lie between the two vanishing points otherwise the box will end up distorted https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/15/distortion. Rough perspective: remember the horizontal lines of the boxes are paralell to the horizon and the vertical lines are perpendicular to the horizon.

The rotated boxes look messy, I cant see whats going on. I will ask for revision here. Do 1 page rotated boxes. plot all the lines, ghost and draw. Draw only one line if a line comes out wrong move on to the next line. Dont repeat lines. draw it a bit bigger too. I hope you have been warming up https://drawabox.com/lesson/0/3/warmups

Next Steps:

1 page rotated boxes

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
12:09 PM, Sunday June 12th 2022

Sorry for the delay had some issues with my phone. I did two pages of rotaded boxes because the first page was very messy. This one is a bit messy too but it is better than the page before.


1:52 PM, Sunday June 12th 2022

It looks a lot better, bigger scale so you can see what's happening and individual lines to see the mistakes.

Next time doing the rotated boxes, try and keep the gaps between boxes consistent throughout. Also use lines you have already drawn to inform the orientation of the ones next to them Copying the video LESSON line for line can help greatly.

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12:10 PM, Sunday June 12th 2022

BTW where do I do my daily random warmups. Looked everywhere and couldn't find it.

2:02 PM, Sunday June 12th 2022

It Is stated in lesson 0. That before doing an exercise, let's say drawing your boxes for that day. You choose two exercises at random from lesson 1 and 2 and spend 10 to 15 minutes on each trying to improve from your last attempt. When you finish lesson 2 you then choose exercises from lesson one and two and so on for each lesson until lesson 7 is my understanding here . If U don't understand or I didn't aswer your actual question feel free to ask

Pretty much all the stuff we do in drawabox are exercise. The better you get at them over time, the better your spacial reasoning

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