Hello. I will be reiviewing your lessong one hw

Superimposed Lines: The longer lines seem a little messy but nothing concerning at all.

Ghosted Lines: A lot of the lines either miss the mark or are a bit off. The ghosting line method in lesson is the key but i do see most of these lines are striaght like a pole which is good.

Ghosted Planes: I can see the lines are connecting to the dots assigned so much better here with using ghost line.

Table of Elipses: A few elipses are breaking out of boundries but that's okay. You are showing you are aware and trying to keep eveyrthing in nice and tight. Good.

Elipses in Planes: Good work on these but a couple looked like the ink either was running out in the pen or not pressing hard enough.

Funnels: Good work but again keep an eye on the ink in pen or how hard you are pressing into the paper.

Plotted perspectives: You understand the concept but the lines branching from boxes are breaking off or disspearing.

Rough Perspective: Much better with lines branching off. nothing seems to be running out of ink and you understand this concept.

Rotated Boxes: This is a job well done. No issues that i can see here.

Organic Perspective: I do belive you understand this concept.