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6:50 PM, Sunday May 15th 2022

Hello Rrose,


Congratulations on finishing the lesson one! ????

I've seen all of the pages.

For reviewing I will go through, step by step, almost every exercise.

  • Superimposed lines : the shorter ones and the curved are better.

I suggest you to breath through, relax the shoulder a little bit and, that helped me, count the lines so the mind will be concentrated on the exercise but it will distract it for aiming perfection: a concentrated but relaxed mind will do better.

If you are struggling with the fluidity of the surface, put another paper on your working desk to allow the confidence of your arm to go smooth.

  • Ghosted lines : A little bit of tendency to curve lines but rather than that it's well done.

  • Ghosted planes :The lines are more confident so is a well done job

  • Ellipses : I group them together 'cause I see a little bit of trouble here: In terms of fitting them it's ok but or your not rotating the page enough to be comfortable or your not ghosting enough...

I will say the funnels are better.

  • Rough perspective : A bit of flop. I think that here your arm is tense and/or your aming too much to reach the right point so the lines suffer of wabbling and the perspective lines take their own way.

  • Rotated boxes : I will not comment much on that, it's a tough exercise itself and I think that the suggested exercise at the end will improve the perspective of the boxes.

  • Organic perspective : Last but not least, here the best one is the first row of the second page. You are rotating the boxes so that's good.

Overall good job.


  • Do the super imposed lines and the ellipses in planes for the warm-ups

  • Do just one more page of rough perspective to reinforce in particular the perspective view.

When you follow that, I think you can move on onto the next lesson.

I hope I helped you.

Good luck on the ongoing of the journey ????

Next Steps:

1 page of rough perspective

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
10:56 AM, Tuesday October 25th 2022

Sorry for the extremely late reply! thank you for the advice, I tried to keep it in mind. Here is the revision of rough perspective.

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