Hey congratulations on completing Lesson 1! I'll review your work and see if you're ready to move on with the course.

Lines: Your Superimposed Lines look decent. There's a lot of fraying on some of your lines, but you showed some improvement on the second page of your work. Your lines look wobbly and you repeated some of them on Ghosted Lines. When you are drawing lines, always prioritize smooth, confident lines over accuracy and take your time. And when we draw our lines we never want to repeat them, just draw a line and then move on no matter how far off the line is. Also you did submit 2 pages of this assignment when we're only supposed to do 1 page. Uncomfortable explains why we don't do more work than assigned on this page https://drawabox.com/lesson/0/3/grinding Your Ghosted Planes look decent, but I noticed one of your planes was unfinished on the second page. Before submitting homework to the website, make sure that all of it is fully completed as any unfinished work is considered a partial submission. However, I won't request revisions for that this time because you were only missing one plane.

Ellipses: The Tables of Ellipses look good! Just like with lines we want to make sure we draw ellipses confidently and prioritizing that over accuracy. On Ellipses in Planes, a lot of your ellipses look weirdly shaped and deformed. It felt like you were breaking the evenness and shape of the ellipse so that you can hit all sides of the plane. Instead, draw your ellipses at an angle that way they hit all sides of the plane without looking deformed. Your Funnels are alright but the line quality of your ellipses looks wobbly and many of them are misaligned with the funnel. I suggest that you do this one again and this time take your time and practice ghosting your ellipses carefully.

Boxes: For Rough Perspective, you have a lot of errors for this exercise. First of all you're supposed to have 3 frames on each page. You only have one frame for both pages which is technically less than what a single page is supposed to have. Secondly, you repeated your lines a lot which I've already stated why we don't do that before. And finally, you did not do the line correction method correctly. You're not supposed to plot the correction lines back to the vanishing point, only back to the horizon lines. Plotting correction lines back to the horizon line shows us how far off we were from the vanishing point. I'm going to request that you do 2 proper pages of exercise again fixing the mistakes you made previously. I think you made a decent attempt at Rotated Boxes. There are many perspective errors made in your work, but I won't be too harsh on you since it is a very difficult exercise. Although you did repeat your lines a lot, which again is a big no-no. Organic Perspective doesn't look too bad. Again same with Rotated Boxes I won't be too harsh on you since this one is tough for many beginners.

Before moving on to the 250 Box Challenge, you should redo some assignments, specifically Funnels and Rough Perspective. When you complete your revisions I'll review them and see if you're ready to move on. Take care! :)