Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

7:06 PM, Tuesday October 5th 2021

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Hey guys, I´ve posted the homework of lines and ellipses before but here´s now everything once more in 1 Album. English is not my native language, so I struggle a little with the instructions. I hope I did everything right, as described.

I´m looking forward to your reviews and wish you all a nice week.

Hope to hear from you soon, warm greetings


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8:28 PM, Saturday October 9th 2021

Hello Anna! I'll be reviewing your homework today.

First of all, congrats on finishing all the exercises!


Your lines are great, no wobbling, no fraying or arching, they are planned and confident. I noticed in the organic perspective there's a bit of repetition of the lines, which is something to avoid.


You did a good job on the ellipses too, they are drawn through, inside their boundaries and smooth. On the funnels exercise the ellipses are aligned with the axis, so well done!


What i said about the lines also apply here. You drawn through the boxes, on the rough perspective exercise the width lines are parallel to the horizon and the height lines are perpendicular, as it should be and the lines were corrected. Your rotated boxes exercise is really good, i think it must be the hardest one of this lesson but you managed to get it right. On the organic perspective exercise some boxes are a bit distorted, but you'll improve with the 250 boxes challenge.

Overall your homework is really good! Even with the language barrier i think you understood the concepts really well.

I hope this was somewhat useful and you're ready for the 250 boxes challenge!

Next Steps:

You're ready for the 250 boxes challenge!

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7:45 PM, Tuesday October 12th 2021

Hello Supers0nick,

thank you for reviewing my homework. I´m very happy to hear that I did a good job. :D

Your review gives me a huge confidence boost.

I was a little bit unsure about the organic perspective exercise (it was the hardest) but I´m glad that it wasn`t as bad as I thought .

Thanks again, your review is really helpful for me.



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