250 Box Challenge

1:31 PM, Tuesday November 2nd 2021

DRAWABOX 250 Boxes Challenge - Album on Imgur

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250 Box Challenge complete :>

Constructive criticism and advice are highly appreciated...

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9:51 PM, Tuesday November 2nd 2021

Congrats on making it through the box challenge! I'll be taking the helm of your critique.

So first of all let's get the elephant out of the room, your convergences. They're not awful. Most of the time you manage to get them to converge even if the rates happen to be different like in your first boxes. But you still manage to create divergences instead of convergences and sometimes they just come out parallel. Remember that even though the actual box itself is made of parallel lines, perspective affects the box and makes those lines converge to a single point.. Three point perspective boxes have every vp converging, it's not like 1 point or 2 point where some are infinitely parallel. You should follow this guide for a better step by step understanding on how to make sure your lines always converge.

Your lines are a bit wobbly but that's fine, you're still adjusting to using the shoulder (even though you should've been making sure to use it rather than the elbow from the start of lesson 1), just make sure to apply more confidence in the future.

An additional thing you started to do but began to avoid which I appreciate, was creating correction arrows on your early boxes. This is unnecessary, the extension lines should be all you need to correct yourself if you went wrong somewhere. Drawing too many lines rather than what you need will impede your learning and just make you more confused. try to avoid doing these in the future as mentioned just now, they're unneeded and not part of the challenge nor your learning.

Next Steps:

I'm going to ask that you draw 30 additional boxes. Use it to try using your shoulder more, and take in the advice I gave you to make sure your lines all converge correctly. Have fun, and good luck! and once again, great job on getting this far, you're doing great!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
11:17 AM, Tuesday November 9th 2021

Thanks for your feedback :)

Here are the 30 additional boxes you asked me to draw.

6:35 PM, Tuesday January 11th 2022

Sorry for the late response, but here I am. These are much much better! You still have some divergence by the end but I do notice you improved alot and are converging more than diverging, only thing I reccomend is (and I should've mentioned this in my initial critique) is you could do to try and make some more unique boxes. This guide gives a good reference on all the different angles a box could be at, but don't directly copy them, just make sure the initial Y isn't below 90 degrees and try new things. Another way to mix up boxes is the length of your initial Y when you draw them, making one line shorter and another longer. And one last variation is you could use to do more dramatic foreshortening in your boxes, where lines converge alot shorter, I'm seeing alot of shallow convergences in a majority of your boxes.

Next Steps:

You're free to go onto Lesson 2, just remember what I've told you and what you've learned so far as you continue one. Good luck and have fun!

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