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9:08 PM, Friday June 10th 2022

Cool boot man! You are taking steps in the right direction! Pun absolutely intended

I like that your lines follow the curvature of the boot, giving it the feeling of 3D-ness and a more roundish appearance. Your values seem alright, but in the dark areas you could go a bit darker, for example using a 6B pencil and really going to town with it. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links, but there is a video on Youtube which I know helped me sketch that is called "How to Sketch Places Quickly", and it might help you out!

But overall, I really love the feel of this and sketching things from your life will help develop your artistic vision. Just have fun and practice, have a superb day!

7:47 PM, Tuesday June 14th 2022

Thank you very much for the feedback, I will take a look at the video you said, a big hug and a great day.

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