Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

2:35 PM, Sunday September 6th 2020

Lesson 1 - Lines, Ellipses, and Boxes - DrawABox - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/UucyIUk

Post with 43 views. Lesson 1 - Lines, Ellipses, and Boxes - DrawABox

In case it wasn't obvious, ellipses are my biggest challenge so far.

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3:45 AM, Tuesday September 8th 2020

Hey, congragulations on completing lesson 1! To start off looking at your superimposed lines you seem to be drawing them quickly with confidence which is what this excercise is for. There is some visibile wavering taking place on the lines that tend to be long and some of the curvier lines but that in't much to lose sleep over you'll get momre accurate the more you practice. Your ghosted lines look good they are looking straight with no wobbliness to them.

Your rough perspective came out fairly well, lots of the lines are hitting close to the vanishing point though some do stray off very far, you'll certainly get bettter and following the vanishing point in the 250 box challenge so don't sweat that. Nothing much to say about the plotted looks great and nice range of different views of drawing the boxes in.

Your pages of ellipses are actually very good, they might look bad to you at the moment but as you continue on the lessons you'll realise the aren't as bad as the seem. They are certainly difficult especially when trying to go over them twice but it'll get easier. You drew lots of ellipses which is great practice and also you can see some are really well done.

As for the ghosted planes and ellipses in planes, I felt you could have filled the page much more. The ones that are on the page are well done with the lines looking confident and the ellipses hitting all sides. Your funnels are well done and the page is filled with them, which I think is how your ghosted planes should have been like. The ellipses in the funnels look good the only thing I would say about them is the ones towards the center could be drawn a bit thinner(shorter minor axis).

Ok the rotated boxes exercise is very difficult and getting it right the first time is not expected I can see you gave it a very good try and your boxes actually do look like they are rotating/convincing, you did a much better job on this than when I tried it. Some problems I see though is your boxes are very curved on the first attempt, on the second attempt not so much but still see some curved boxess. A reason for this curving might be you are drawing from the wrist,make sure you are drawing from the elbow making sure you are locking your wrist so your lines are straight. On your first attempt the boxens all seem to be of the same width and length whereas the second attempt they seem to go super far back. This might have been caused by you guessing how the face of the box in the back would look and how big it would be use the surrounding boxes' back face and hint to minimize this. The last thing is it seems your going over your inner lines to improve them which makes it look like sketching and a bit messy, for the outlines of the boxes it is fine to go over them to darken and thicken them but not the inner ones. The inner ones should be done in one confident and ghosted line and if you mess up roll with it, by accepting that a line didn't come out the way you wanted it too and it looking a bit off you practice acceptance which is very important in draw a box, moving past mental blocks that keep you from improving.

Your organic perspective look great, your thickening of your outlines and accuracy will improve with more practice so no issue there. You didn't make the same mistake of going over inner lines as much like in the rotated boxess, there are very few times from what I can see.

Next Steps:

Great Job! Move onto the gruesome 250 box challenge, making sure to do some of lesson 1 exercises for 10-15 minutes each time before a session, and keep in mind the aspects you need to actively look to improve.

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9:42 PM, Thursday September 10th 2020

Hey, thanks a lot! This was awesome and detailed, thoughtful feedback and I appreciate you taking the time. Planning to keep all of this in mind for the 250 box challenge...I also feel slightly less depressed about my ellipses now, ha.

Thanks again.

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