uncomfortables talking is confusing at times

6:17 PM, Thursday March 7th 2024

i am now at the rotaded boxes exersise and his talking about rotating boxes confuses the heck out of me he was first easy to follow early at lesson 0 and lines and ellipses but now hes talking like im at a sience class and not actauly showing how to draw a rotated box all i know about rotaded boxes is that the 1 vp coming closer to the box goes faster and the other goes fast till infinity i am so confused at his complex language especially at the rotaded box lecture can someone translat his lecture in a simpler manner that i am not understand and o hes also talking with words that is hard for me to understand like perpendicular and parelel and missed out one of his talkings and hard to renember , so someone or comfy help me

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9:22 PM, Thursday March 7th 2024

Whenever he uses words you don't know, like perpendicular and parallel, you're going to have to look them up. If you are at the rotated boxes section then you should have already gone through a lot of material on boxes and perspective as well as plotted and rough perspective. Looking into parallel and perpendicular should have been done a while ago, course wise.

Perspective is hard for a lot of people. It takes effort to understand. Rewatch the parts that confuse you. It is good you are asking for other people's explanations. Whenever I am having trouble with something I often find it is helpful to hear as many different people explain the same concept as I can.

Proko is a good resource



David Finch


The Virtual Instructor



Plainly Simple


The Drawing Database-Northern Kentucky University


There is also Marshall Vendruff's $12 course on perspective. It is 6+ hours long and has a ton of good information.

And of course there are a ton of great books books on perspective.

10:18 AM, Saturday March 9th 2024

thanks for givin me other resources also ive mean that it took me long enough for me to understand these 2 words comfy was hard to understand but i realy appreciate ur help

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