Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

9:49 AM, Saturday May 2nd 2020

Homeworks Draw a Box - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/wGfALPg

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my name is David and i'm trying to learn drawing, I mean with really good bases.

DrawABox is really helpful and gives nice advices, thanks to his creator, really !

I tried to do my best with my current level, hope this is not so bad.

I look forward to having constructive comments to make it better.

Have a good day

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4:55 PM, Saturday May 2nd 2020

hi david!

i think overall your line quality is really good :)

on the rough perspective exercise you rushed a bit through (like me! if you click on my critique for lesson 1 you will see). your boxes will get better a lot once you start the 250 boxes challenge...

cya there!

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

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10:58 AM, Sunday May 3rd 2020

Thanks for the comment

You are right, I may have rushed the organic perspective a bit. But it's hard for me to really see cubes in my imagination.

I can see the faces and edges in front of me, but not the edges and the distant faces, I have to test them on paper to find roughly the right line and angle. I am not able of envision with cubes, more with spheres, I hope it will come with practice, I am currently about 100 cubes of the 250 challenge, I have not yet the feeling I would like.

It is the same for you ?

I looked at your homework, I think the quality of your lines is very good too.

Your were really successful with the rotated boxes. And yes maybe a little rush in the organic boxes. The ellipses are fine too, maybe, as I do, more difficulties with little ones, the tracing with shoulder for little forms appears not convenient for me.

And finally, about your challenge, maybe an advice, you have the Y with angles over 90°, but the opposite angle the nearest from the observer, I think have to be over 90° too.


12:47 PM, Sunday May 3rd 2020

uh you have 100! nice, i'm in my 70ies still (havent uploaded them for a few days)

hah! yes the opposite Y has to be over 90° you're right... :) but when i'm trying to construct the boxes i never looked at this, i just tried to get about two sides of the vanishing point right and the third was always off.. but i think i'm getting better now.

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