Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

8:58 AM, Thursday May 19th 2022

Drawabox Lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/owbAcF8.jpg

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I finally decided to learn drawing seriously. This course is a great opportunity.

Thank you so much for your time and help in critiquing my work! It is very important for me)

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1:02 PM, Thursday May 19th 2022

Greetings Lyapka! Congratulations on finishing lesson 1! I'm Strauss and would be pleased to critique your work, hope that they can help you one way or another on your artistic journey, and welcome aboard to the “learn drawing seriously” gang!

I’ll divided this into 3 major sections, alright? Let’s get into it:


  • Super-imposes Lines look nice.There’s fraying at the end but as long as it’s not fraying at both ends, and every line is being executed with confidence, you’re good to go.

  • The Ghosted Lines, are too, being executed with confidence, which is great. In Drawabox, Confidence > Accuracy, and you nailed it well.

  • For Ghosted Planes, I can see some wobbly lines here and there, but overall okay!

Side note: I can see there’s some arching (like this: https://imgur.com/a/iRdhYTJ) but no worries, this will improve through time and repetition if you keep practicing these as warms-up in your free time.


  • For Ellispses in Planes - Sometimes your ellipses either aren’t touching the corner or went over the base plane, but your ellipses are all being executed with confidence, so great job! (For ellipses, we prefer their smoothness/roundness over accuracy, just a heads-up).

  • Tables Of Ellipses, overall great, and you follow the instruction fairly well: Executed the ellipses with confidence, super-imposed them 2-3 times, and fit them tightly/snugly within the table bound.

  • The Funnels: Confident lines. But here, check this out from the official website: https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/14/step1

    As mentioned above, you have to put your minor axis on every single ellipses that you draw (at least for Drawabox assignment). Minor axis is VERY IMPORTANT, especially in later lesson, where we’ll use ellipses to construct things, a lot (lesson 3 and onwards). And unfortunately, the fact that you have not put your minor axis in as a guiding line (and the middle shorter line perpendicular to it), you also made a mistake, in which the ellipses are not align to each other: https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/14/notaligned

You may think it’s trivial , but every single thing written on the website is absolutely important, try to follow these as closely as you can for later lessons.


  • Plotted Perspective: Solid work, you also use hatching to emphasize the planes that are facing the viewer, which made it easier to visualize.

  • For Rough Perspective: Lines are a bit wobbly, but overall great! Keep in mind that "width lines should be parallel to horizon and height lines perpendicular to the horizon

  • Rotated Boxes: Fantastic job! I’m very impressed, you followed the instruction very well, Rotated Boxes Is the infamous “boss” of Lesson 1, and you nailed it well.

  • For Organic Perspective: Very solid, Nice sizes/variety of boxes and how they rotated in space.

Overall, you did great! Though, I will ask for another 1 page of The Funnels, make sure you double-checked all the links to which I gave.

9:06 PM, Thursday May 19th 2022

Hello, STRAUSS! Thank you for spending your time on my work!

For minor axis - I don't think it's trivial, I simply forgot) I try to follow instructions as close as I can. It's good that you mentioned this mistake.

Correct funnels: https://imgur.com/a/KFesDoW

I'll work on my accuracy and confidence.

Thank you so much for your critique! It helps a lot!

9:30 PM, Thursday May 19th 2022

Ah if that's the case then i'm sorry for assuming! And for the revision, yes you did great, i don't see any issues worth mentioning. Accuracy will surely came overtime, as long as you keep doing warm-ups daily, so no worries.

You can now head to the 250 Box Challenge. Good luck mate!

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge.

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4:01 AM, Friday May 20th 2022

It's Ok) Thanks a lot!

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