How to draw a cast shadow for transparent things like water droplets

3:53 PM, Monday July 20th 2020

Hi friends, im on lesson 3! and for my plants homework, im looking to draw this mushroom:

however i realised that it would be really hard to add texture for the liquid bubbles. Esp if we were to apply the required technique of only drawing cast shadows. Does anyone have tips as to how to go about doing this. I guess this applies for all transparent objects. how do u draw a cast shadow for that. i would be really grateful. thanks :DD

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7:58 AM, Thursday July 23rd 2020

Im not as advanced as you in the lessons and my response is mostly based on physics, so take my advice with a grain of salt. Transparent objects distort the light thus causing less light to reach the surface across said transparent material, so the cast shadow should be relative to how transparent the object is, although water lets through a reasonable amount of light, it still blocks part of it, so I would make the cast shadow considerably lighter than a normal objects cast shadow. I hope my response helps you and that it answers your question.

2:50 PM, Thursday July 23rd 2020

hey thanks for the thoughtful response! yea i think that might be tricky cause we only have two values that being black and white, but hmmm i will see if there are ways to work around this :)))

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3:17 PM, Thursday July 23rd 2020


Since you only have full black and white, I'd not draw them, or maybe just a weighted line at the bottom of the droplet, nothing more.

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