The waiting time for critic

8:13 PM, Sunday May 15th 2022

I submitted the 250 box challenge homework about two weeks ago...

And I don't get the critic yet...

How much someone can wait for a non-official critic before having to redo some exercises due to the time waiting?

Ready for answers and critics

Thank you in advance

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4:28 AM, Monday May 16th 2022

For the non-official route critique is not always guaranteed, Since they often rely on the generosity of the community, However in the official Drawabox discord There's a critique exchange program, Which would at least guaranteed critique, (Wait time is roughly quite fast for earlier lesson / challenge , And a bit longer for later lesson)

(I think it would be a good idea to do lesson 1 and boxes challenge as a warm-up too, To make sure you're sharpening stuff you've learned)

Hope this would be somewhat helpful!

9:55 AM, Thursday May 26th 2022


Coming back from the ongoing waiting...

Thanks for the suggestions!

Yeah, you're right, then I think I will try to critic until sunday as much lessons 1 as I can to see if my post would show up for a critic and then, if nothing happens, try with Discord.

I will definitely bring back the warm-ups.

I completely forgot about Discord so thanks again for the suggestions :)

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3:18 AM, Wednesday May 18th 2022

Solicit for a critique on the Discord group. Wait for a critique. You don't necessarily have to wait for the lesson to be marked complete.

Also use this time to fill in the 50% rule. Look around you and break down objects into boxes and just draw the boxes. Or attempt to draw what you would want to draw after you finish the course. May be save those papers even and compare the drawings you did now with something you drew after you are completely done with the course.

You can even try starting another course alongside. Figure drawing, Perspective, Digital drawing. Anything you enjoy. Have fun :))

10:05 AM, Thursday May 26th 2022


Thanks for the suggestions, as I said to Doctormein I completely forgot about Discord.

Someday, somehow the improvements will certainly be seen so the comparing thing is also a good suggestion.

Thanks again, have fun you too :)

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