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4:17 PM, Sunday June 19th 2022

Hello, I'll be handling your critique :)


-First off, your superimposed lines are looking nice and confident and I see that your fraying was kept all at one end. Also, if your lines ever wobble make sure to prioritize the confidence rather than the line meeting at the end point. I don't think you'll have issues with this with further pratice.

-Moving on to your ghosted lines, I see you have drawn them with confidence here as well. I don't see any issues I should point out here.

-Ghosted planes aren't any different from your ghosted lines, and you drew them with great confidence.


-Your table of ellipses are looking very neat and tidy. You have executed your lines with a good amount of confidence and you also made them very symmetrical and well rouned as needed.

-Your ellipses in planes are similar to the table of ellipses, but it seems that you tried making the ellipse touch all contact points of the plane. You should always aim to make your ellipses well rounded and symmetrical because all you can modify is the width and the position the ellipse is in. Otherwise, you did great on this.

-In the funnels excercise, I see that you kept the ellipses snug inside of the funnels as well as aligned them nicely with the axis. Your ellipses also look very confident and not stiffly drawn .


-In the rough perspective I see that you have confident lines, but just remember not to repeat them as it makes the mistake more obvious. I see that your estimations for the vanishing point are a bit off as well, but this will improve with practice.

-On your rotated boxes I see you attempted the rotation of the boxes and that your lines were executed with confidence. It seems like some of your lines may have been repeated so just keep in mind what I said above. One last thing is that you kept the gaps between the boxes narrow and consistent, but if you ever have a hard time drawing the lines, make sure to give yourself more room to draw.

-Concluding with your organic perspective, I think you gave a good attempt at the perspective of the boxes and of course and issues here will be addressed in the 250 Box Challenge.

*Make sure to use this lesson as warmups

I'll mark your lesson as complete and let you move on to the 250 Box Challenge. Good Job! :)

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge

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3:57 PM, Wednesday August 24th 2022

First of all, I deeply appreciate you for taking the time to critique my work. I have a bit of anxiety interacting with others online and meant to reply earlier (better late than never I suppose). I have taken your critique to heart and made a conscious effort to improve. I especially found the information about ellipses very helpful and was blind to see my own mistakes in that exercise. Once again, you have my thanks! Sorry for the late response.

1:20 PM, Saturday August 27th 2022

I'm glad I was here to help and I completely understand how uncomfortable it may be to interact with people here. Good luck in your upcoming lessons :)

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