Is drawabox very effective?

2:05 PM, Thursday February 2nd 2023

I watched a review of a drawabox but I am not sure if it teaches you properly. Is Drawabox effective? If yes, can you post your photo of your progress before drawabox and after drawabox?

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7:42 PM, Thursday February 2nd 2023
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I'm sure you are familiar with the importance of learning your art fundamentals and what drawabox does brilliantly in my humble opinion is to teach you one of them, which has to do with structure and construction. Not only do I think drawabox is effective but I believe it's essential to your journey because it helps you to train your brain to see beyond you normally do. As it is mentioned in the very beginning we're creating an illusion of 3D objects, so you must be able to reproduce them in a convincing way, and you do that by representing form and volume. Also one thing that was vital for me is to be totally ok with pages and pages of not-so-beautiful drawings but attempts that helped me develop this spacial reasoning sense. What I thought I would immediately want to throw away I think it's really cool and I'm so happy I did them. I will certainly keep and treasure them. Contour lines, overlapping objects, flowing ribbons, planes (topology), mass and volume, cast shadows/texture, readability like silhouettes and few lines to suggest forms all of this were a massive level UP in my drawing and painting learning process. Not sure if it answered your question but I hope it can help you in any way :)

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1:49 AM, Sunday February 5th 2023

I believe it does exactly as intended: developing spatial reasoning. I don't know if it is the most affective way, and it may not be for everyone, but it has definitely been affective for me. I have begun to internalize how to think about representing three dimensional on a two dimensional surface. Now, when I am drawing, the lines on the page almost "feel" three dimensional. This is so fundamental that it can't be over emphasized. No matter what medium you use, understanding this illusion is fundamental.

What the program isn't is a method of learning how to draw pretty pictures. But after you have done Drawabox, drawing those pictures gets easier. So when you ask for before and after pictures, I don't know if I can provide those. I have used other programs to improve specific aspects of drawing, but Drawabox laid the foundation.

Also, it is free and online. Hope this helps.

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4:26 PM, Tuesday February 7th 2023

My spatial reasoning has gotten better. I'm in lesson 3 right now, so not even done.

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7:04 PM, Thursday February 2nd 2023

Yes it's helps a lot. Not sure if I can post pictures on here but I draw every day and post on my Instagram @draweveryday2022 obviously I have a lot more to learn but it definitely helps. I will probably start the course again and pay for constructive feedback in the near future.

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4:56 PM, Sunday March 19th 2023
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Although I don't really have any images or any pieces to really show you any comparison, I do agree with all the points made by fellow comments here, along with the fact that I do think that DrawABox not only exercises your spatial reasoning & construction skills, but also helps this methodology bleed into your own. Going about and studying representational drawing is, atleast in opinion, FAR easier to do when the methods taught here at DrawABox are applied.

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