250 Box Challenge

2:16 AM, Tuesday October 6th 2020

250 Box Challenge - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/v2PmXxn.jpg

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I've finally finished the 250 Box Challenge! It took me a few months, and during that time I got burnt out a couple of times. Because of this, the box numbers reset back to 1 twice over the course of 250 boxes. Otherwise, they're in chronological order. Currently three pages are missing as well, one because I lost it and two because Imgur for some reason didn't want to upload them; I'll try reuploading them soon.

The most recent (and last) group of boxes is numbers 1-138, so in your feedback please focus on these! They're the ones that are still recent.

Some of the things I was having problems with were: hatching and superimposing lines for the weighted outline, although I think they improved by the end of the challenge.

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2:40 PM, Wednesday October 7th 2020

I only count 234 boxes. You need to finish or upload the remaining 16. Please also renumber the boxes from first to last chronologically so that reviewers don't have to a) manually count them all again to make sure you've finished the assignment and b) can tell which boxes came earlier and which came later. Don't worry so much about the hatching and lineweights. Yes, you should be doing it, but the real focus here is on your construction and use of perspective.

5:26 PM, Wednesday October 7th 2020

I only count 234 boxes. You need to finish or upload the remaining 16.

As I said in the submission, a couple pages are missing because Imgur didn't upload them for some reason and is still giving me errors when I try to add them to the post. I have done the full 250.

Please also renumber the boxes from first to last chronologically

The boxes are sorted chronologically, although I'm sorry that the box numbering resets a couple times but that's because I thought at the time I had to restart the challenge due to not doing it for a while. I don't really want to go back, change the numbers, and rescan all the pages because this would take a really long time.

Thanks for the response!

6:45 PM, Wednesday October 7th 2020

My apologies, it seems like the order on Imgur is more severely messed up than I thought it was. I'm going to reupload everything.

8:02 PM, Wednesday October 7th 2020

Reposted with correct order. https://imgur.com/gallery/RdqdQbx

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