Flashlight Sketches

2:35 PM, Monday February 3rd 2020

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The ever so gracious Spencer Nugent (known as sketchaday) reviewed one of my design sketches a few Fridays ago on his live stream and I tried to apply what I learned from him while trying to stay true to my original design intent. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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9:29 AM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

I didn't know this Youtube channel, thank's for the share!

Great job on the flashlight, what was Spencer's suggestions?

9:02 PM, Thursday February 13th 2020

Thanks, loopkin! He had made suggestions regarding keeping the marker work "fresher" - more paper showing through, more contrast, as well as some functional design feedback on the flashlight itself.

8:59 AM, Friday February 14th 2020

Great channel! I will definitely take lessons there when I get to lesson 6 (I'm currently in lesson 4) ...

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