Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

8:29 AM, Friday October 29th 2021

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i just want to know if I can move on to the next lesson

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8:32 PM, Friday October 29th 2021

Your work is pretty good your lines are very clean I would however suggest that you work on ellipses just a bit more as some of them seem to taper a bit but overall I feel your ready to move on

Next Steps:

I suggest you try tackling the 250 box challenge in order to gain a better grasp of 3D space and work a bit more on ellipses

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9:47 PM, Friday January 21st 2022

I think this is great job on Lesson 1, all lines are clean and confident, and all exersices look very solid.

I do see some pointy ellipses, and you probably need to work on drawing from your shoulder (because pointy ellipse = elbow/wrist). But this can be incorporated in your regular warm-up routine.

I'm sure you should move to 250 box challenge, and good luck!

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12:20 PM, Sunday October 31st 2021

Hey Fiyole,

Your work is hard to critique as you are clearly more experienced than me. I don't see any obvious mistakes, your lines are very clean and confident. It seems perspective is not an issue for you so I am not sure if the 250 box challenge would benefit you.

Maybe you should move on to lesson 2, your call.

Keep on keepin' on!

Next Steps:

Either do the 250 boxes or start with lesson 2!

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