Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

2:48 PM, Monday March 18th 2024

Lollypop Lesson #2 Submission - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/AOOllx3

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thank you for looking at my submission!

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7:02 PM, Wednesday April 10th 2024

Hi Thelollypop, Congratulations on finishing lesson 2. I'll be pointing out mistakes you've made as well as thing you did good.

Organic arrows

  • Your linework looks all right on the ribbon part of the arrows. But on the arrow heads the look a bit shaky. Make sure you take time for these and don't let them be an afterthought. Also make sure the two lines at the base of the arrowhead are in line with each other.

  • The perspective is good on most of the arrows the get smaller and folds get closer to each other as the get farther away.

  • I'm missing the lineweight on overlapping lines. And you've drawn the shadow lines in the direction of the ribbon. They should be perpendicular to the ribbon as can be seen in this picture

Organic forms

  • The shapes of the sausage forms look good. They have a consistent width with rounded ends.

  • You draw through all the ellipses twice which is good but they don't look very confident yet. You definitely need to pay attention the this. I recommend practicing this often when doing warmup drawings.

  • The contours of the second page are starting to look more confident but on multiple occasions the move outside the bounds of the sausage.

  • Some of the ellipses are not properly aligned to the minor axis as in this example.

Texture analysis

  • There is a nice gradient of light to dark going on. Although you could blend the black bar on the left a bit more with the shadows. Take this guide as reference.

  • There are still bits of white in your shadows. Make sure they are fully black. This is easier to achieve using a thicker fineliner or a black marker.


  • The textures wrap around the forms nicely.

  • On some of your textures like the grass and the pufferfish you've drawn the outlines rather than the shadows of the texture.

Form intersections

  • Again your lines look a bit wobbly. I've looked back at your 250 box challenge and your linework looks very good there so you can definitely do it. Make sure you take your time and use the ghosting method for every line you put down.

  • Perspective is consistent between the shapes on the same page which help sell the idea that they exist in the same space.

Organic intersections

  • Both pages of organic intersections look like solid piles with no floating shapes. And the shapes interact with each other as one would expect.

  • The shadows wrap around the forms nicely.

Overall you've shown you understood all the exercises. Your linework could still use some work, especially on circles and ellipses. When doing warmup drawing I recommend you focus on exercises from lesson one and two that include this.

Next Steps:

  • Continue to lesson 3
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7:00 PM, Friday April 12th 2024

thank you so much for the feedback! I see what you mean about my linework-- I'll keep that in mind

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