Hello RedFruit,

Congratulations on finishing lesson 1, this is the start of your journey and there's still alot more to come. I'll be giving my insight for your submissions starting with.

superimposed lines

you did a very fine job for someone who just started however i cant help but noticed that you were rushing to get this finished at the end of the first assignment hence fraying on both ends remember this is not a race, you should try to execute every lines to the best of your abilities.

Table of elipses

some of the elipses are escaping their boundaries this is normal for someone who is just starting out just keep inmind to keep the elipses in their bounderies in the future

Organic perspective

The instructions stated that you should use the Y method for constructing the boxes here however this is forgivable just make sure to read the instructions better moving forward, another issue however is that the lines aren't convering to a vanishingpoint, in this assignment it is important that the line converges at a vanishingpoint, overall this is not a big deal yet since you'll get plenty of practice in the 250 boxes challange but do keep a conscious mind when drawing box from now on to make sure that the lines converge to a vanishingpoint.

I hope that you'll achieve what you desired from drawabox.com