Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

10:39 PM, Friday February 4th 2022

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Hello everyone!

I've just completed lesson 1 and I would love to hear some feedback.

Boxes was the hardest to wrap my head around. Especially the organic perspective exercise. I'm not sure if i did it right.

Any advice on how to improve, or move on from here, is more than appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

(I'm not an English speaker so I apologise if this text is weirdly written. I tried my best)

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5:57 PM, Saturday February 5th 2022

Hello I'll be handling the critique for your lesson 1 homework


-Your superimposed lines are off to a great start , as you have always started at a clearly defined point and kept all of the wavering on one side.. The fraying at the ends is not much, and it will decrease with practice.

-Moving on to the ghosted lines you are doing a great job, all of your lines follow a consistent trajectory and they are confidently drawn even if they are going to miss the ending dot, with this in mind, you can try to take your lines to the next level by trying the approach highlighted here.

-The ghosted planes are no different from the ghosted lines, here your linework is coming along nicely too


-Starting with the tables of ellipses, these are looking very tidy instead of rushed, and I can see that you have kept in mind the degree, angle, spacing and alignment of the ellipses, just remember that you should always aim to draw symmetrical ellipses.

-Your ellipses in planes are turning out nicely, I just want to give you a quick reminder, you might be thinking that the center of the ellipses is the same as the center of the planes or that you should modify the elliptical ellipse shape so it touches the contact points, but this is not the case. Ellipses have to be symmetrical and have the same shape regardless of where they are

-The funnels are also turning out very well, and it is great to see that your ellipses are still confidently drawn and have not stiffened. You did a great job fitting them snugly and having the minor axis cut each of them into equal halves.


-Starting with the rough perspective, here I like to see that you have drawn each line with the same good deal of confidence, which really helped you boxes look more solid and believable. You are also doing a great job aligning the sides of the boxes to the horizon line, and lastly, your estimations to the vanishing point are good and they will get better with practice.

-Moving on to the rotated boxes, you have done an excellent job, as you have kept the gaps between boxes narrow and the rotation is clearly there. That said, I do have some suggestions to make.

  • First, try to use more of the space available on your page. When doing any of these exercises in spatial reasoning it is always good to use as much space as we can, that way your lines will be confident while maintaining good accuracy, as it will be easier to engage your whole arm.

  • Secondly, try to keep the lineweight reigned in, it is a good tool to use as we have many boxes clumped together creating a lot of visual noise, but it is better to keep it subtle and only add one superimposed line. Take a look at this diagram which shows my point more clearly..

-Finishing with the organic perspective, your linework is still looking confident but some parts look sketchy and scratchy, so try to avoid this as it undermines the solidity of our forms. Take your time to ghost each mark to draw it to the best of your ability. Finally, you are already making some good attempts at the perspective of the boxes, and overall you did an excellent job in this lesson. So I’ll go ahead and mark this lesson as complete, now you can move on to the box challenge, good luck!!

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge.

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4:05 PM, Sunday February 6th 2022

Hi Beckerito!! thank you very much for your comments and suggestions. I'll make use of them.

I definitely see what you are saying about the organic perspective i think a big part of the sketchiness was me being tired, i may have rushed it a little bit, so I'll make sure to have more brakes if/when I need them.

Thanks again :)

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