Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

5:31 PM, Thursday August 6th 2020

Drawabox Lesson 2 - Album on Imgur

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All done! Lemme know what you think.

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1:08 AM, Thursday September 10th 2020

Hi Quad,

I've checked your submission,

I really want to start out by one common issue that I see thorugh the lesson, your lines. To be concise, they are lacking confidence. Confidence>Accuracy, drill this into your brain, because you are gonnna apply it all throw this course. You have to strive for confidence over anything else when marking the page in any form (straight lines, ellipses, organic lines, etc.), accuracy gets better with time and practice.

Your organic arrows look good, though they could do better with a little more line wieght in the parts where you havo to communicate that one part it's closer to another. Remember that line weight it's not an aesthetic choice, it's a way of communication. What really brings down this exercise are the wobbly lines, though I have already talked about this topic.

Now, I don't wanna sound repetitive, but your organic forms are looking good, but the wobblyness in the ellipses and lines don't make justice for the forms itself.

I really like your organic intersections and texture exercises in general, it seems like you got the point of observation and how to implicitly show something to the viewer. However, there are a few things that I wanted to talk about; First, I see that in some of your textures you kind of scribbled a little (cocconut for example), scribbling is a very dangerous tool, yes is useful in some textures, but it's always a temptation to do it mindlessly. Though I would recommend you don't do it as a beginner, keep an eye on it. Secondly, I like the gradients of shadow to light in your dissections, though they could have some work on trying to do them a little more subtle. This is not that big of a deal since you will get better at it as you do it more, but I wanted to point it out.

Your forms intersections are alright, remember that it's a hard exercise that wants you to start thinking about new concepts.

Though I see two issues, first on is the already talked about line confidence which I encourage to practice in warm ups, and the other is that you used red pen to mark intersections. This is supposed to be done with line weight, remember that it's a communication tool, I recommend you to check the line weight section of this exercise again and apply it to these pages.

One last thing that I wanted to talked about it's waiting for reviews. It kind of sucks to wait more than a month for a review, It happened me with this exact lesson, though remember that critique's are very dependent of other students. However, while waiting for a review, if you do critique's, your submission stay higher on the list for more time. I really recommend critiquing other people's work, you not only help them move on (and the rest of the community in the constant battle against pilled up submission) but you also learn so much from helping others. Plus, you now can review lesson 2 submissions.

I'm gonna mark this lesson as completed! Keep it up.

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4:06 PM, Saturday September 12th 2020

Hey Weijak, thank you so much for the review. I gave up on waiting for one and already moved on to Lesson 3.

I'll do my best to work on my line confidence and brush up on the exercises you pointed out as warmups.

Still not very confident in my ability to critique yet, but I can give it more of a shot.

Again, thanks.

4:29 PM, Saturday September 12th 2020

My pleasure!

Regarding critique's, you just got more confident at it the most you do it.

Good luck.

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