Hi! :)

Looking good!! Congrats on finishing lesson 2 :D

Here are some critiques of each exercise:


This is looking nice! One improvement could be to add line weight to your arrows as they come forward in space to enhance the illusion of depth. I also notice a bit of wobbling on some of the lines in this exercise. That's something to look out for too!

Organic forms with contour lines:

something you did well here is that your ellipses on your ellipse page look quite confident! :)

Something you can improve is to make sure all your ellipses are more aligned to the minor axis.

The age of curves have lines that are a little less confident, so that is something to watch out for. Some of the curves are also shorter than the width of the form. I had a lot of trouble with that as well so I know it is definitely pretty hard!!

Texture (I am going to do both of the texture exercises at the same time!):

Something you did well with your texture exercises was observing the form and recreating it convincingly. Even though the labels for youre exercise are written in a language I don't speak, I can still tell what a lot of your textures are, so great job!

One thing I think you can improve is to use shadow more and rely less on outlines. In the homework instructions it is emphasized to use cast shadow to describe form rather than drawing outlines of the shapes. I notice on some of your forms especially in the texture analysis page you use a lot of outlines. Definitely don't be afraid to have some parts of the object almost completely in shadow, with a few spots of light that help describe the form!

Form intersections:

Overall the forms look like they are occupying the same space- god job!

An area to improve would be ensuring your lines don't curve as much. Some of the straight lines curve a bit, so watch out for that! I encountered the same problem as well.

Another suggestion would be to fill your page up more!

Organic intersections:

When you are practicing this exercise as a warmup going forward, be careful that your sausage forms aren't too close to parallel with each other! having the sausages laying perpendicular is described as creating a more convincing image in the homework description.

I hope this helps! :)